Christ, Chopin, fine wine and Peter O’Toole

Oh well here we go with another post nobody will read.  Thank you for the stat spikes, Mom, but I seriously need somebody other than the woman who birthed me to read what I think.

While I love employment, business and the prosperity of those who have an ardent desire for work, there is something more pressing upon my passions at the moment.  It’s something which attempts to imitate the beauty of God.  That something is the rhetoric of Peter O’Toole.

I posted a video of his famous scene from “The Lion of Winter” where he denies his connection with his biological sons.  Peter does something which not many men can do; he brings alive kings, Popes and Shakespearean characters with a veracity history books and Cliff notes could only hope to portray.  What is more is the epistemological depth the writer’s words send to minds as Peter blows them from the catacombs of his soul.  Very few actors or actresses have ever perfected such abilities as Mr. O’Toole, and quite frankly, the prospects of any actor coming close to him in the future are bleak.

Christ, Chopin, fine wine and Peter O’Toole – the beginnings of a good Sunday.


Chopin (animated)

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