Our Children, The Adults

All the children grew in length and size.  Their position moved from one locality to another.  They took their skills learnt during their teenage years and applied them to their adult life.  Skills of coercion, deceit and treachery.  Whatever end they propped up as pleasurable, its means were carried out in such a delicate fashion.  No hair was left disheveled.  No speck of dust indicted their act.  Not a set of eyes nor a beat of sound gave them away.

Yes, many ages ago the elders would have called them adults – young men and women.  But this generation, they are yet children in bodies of  adults, boys trapped in the illusion of man. girls moving about in flesh proper to grown women.

One thing changed, however.  One thing moved with their transport to another locality.  With their fleeing of the scenes traditional ideas set before them, innocence went with.  Their innocence fled like a burning city, but they predestined its estrangement from the start.  It didn’t fit anymore.  It wasn’t useful.  Innocence was grabbed by every sensitive part and buried out back.  The thought of its presence there lingered for days, but thankfully for the lot left quickly, and the vacuous state that ensued would come to be called the Humean world.  A man living hundreds of years prior would only come to realize the manifesting reality of his vision, but only prior to his death must he have known of its callowness.

Ignorance reigns supreme in this world.  But, alas, it isn’t an ignorance which impresses innocence, it is the ignorance that is all the more culpable.  It is the ignorance of natural truth.  Such an ignorance is the worst violation imaginable, and some knew from the start of the inevitable destruction its wake would leave.

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