Dear Community, I hate or love you

Dear “Community”,


I love you.  Your meaning gives solidarity to relationships.  With technology booming, now more than ever, we are all in this thing called the world together.  No person is left out.  Everybody’s well-being should truly be accounted for in our progress toward perfection.  Sure we all have sub-communities, so to speak.  I am Catholic, and I operate within a Catholic community.  But that Catholic community lives within another community; namely, the municipality, the state, the nation and the world.  At no point should a member of other communities not be loved for the dignity they possess by virtue of their existence.  Thank you “community” for opening my yes to this.  It surely helps bring me toward happiness. 


But I hate you “community”.  Your authority figures drive me into vice.  The people who expound on how special you are destroy you for the sake of their warped sociological beliefs.  Senators and Governors, ministers and priests, judges and chiefs all grow arrogant when in control of you.  I humble myself.  I search for the happy life, and I know it consists in becoming virtuous.  So why do your leaders, “community”, take away my property?  Why do you force me to pay for heinous things, like the murder of the innocent, the incentivizing of greed and the vicious’ nasty habits?  Why do you claim that freedom rests in you, but yet treat me like I’m a prisoner to 300 million despotic tyrants?   This isn’t consistent with virtue.  This isn’t what love means?  Why “community” do you drive me toward despair?


I don’t know what to make of you “community”.  When I begin to love you, I suddenly feel like the only young maiden among a throng of sailors on shore leave.  When I rebel against you, I feel like a lone wolf wondering the night of a new moon.  I’m either a whore or a savage.  A victim or a rake.  The lion or the zebra.  Whichever it is, neither fit my view of human perfection.  Neither brings me into a higher Kingdom. 

Do I denounce you?  Hardly, for that would lead to forsaking others, which is vicious since to be virtuous necessiates social relationships. 

But I can hardly accept you as you are.  I will mold you.   


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