Goings Ons in the World

It’s been a while blog world, a long while.  Surprisingly enough, I have actually had a pretty constant stream of views on this blog.  Thank you.

What is making me write again is some things that are distressing me.  Let’s not waste time.

1.  Caitlyn, don’t call me BRUCE, Jenner.  

I got nothing against Bruce…or Caitlyn.  If he wants to become a woman because he feels like it, fine.  This is America, after all.  But does he really need a national coming out party, and do we really have to label him as one of the bravest men of the past decade?  Someone may have to explain to me how a wealthy celebrity, in Hollywood, who wants to become a woman is somehow brave.

Courage or bravery, I thought, was overcoming some sort of evil or grave difficulty in order to accomplish a good and noble thing.  Maybe Bruce is doing a good thing for some people going through gender confusion…MAYBE.   But what was the difficulty?  Was Hollywood going to denounce him?  Was anybody?

I recently saw the point made on a facebook thread by some idiot that Bruce’s bravery was tantamount to the bravery soldiers show during war.  Possibility of getting your head blown off at any second by an RPG is less brave than a wealthy guy possibly getting made fun of by hicks on twitter.  Of course, we knew most people would accept his decision, be nice to him and treat him with dignity, which they should.  But c’mon America.  This is why few countries east and south of Germany like us.

Also let’s be clear here, what would have been brave is if Bruce would have said that he feels as though he’s a woman but instead realizes that he is biologically a man, and he is not going to run from that.  THAT would have been brave (not as brave as a soldier in battle, but you get the point).   What Bruce basically said is that he feels as though his “soul” is a woman, but his body is a man.  This is quite the conflict, and it’s not one that’s just going to go away, especially so that his greatest lifelong achievement was accomplished when he was publicly considered the archetypical man.  You just don’t get over that.

All that said, I hope Bruce, ehem, Caitlyn is happy and gets the psychological help that anybody with any sense could tell her that she needs.

NUMBER 2 – The Hits Keep Coming for the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis

The good news is that no new allegations of child sex abuse has arisen.  I said this when I came here from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (which was horrible for sex abuse), that the Archdiocese of St Paul actually seemed to have their act together with sex abuse.  There were very few cases, and still are very few cases, of sex abuse compared to places like Milwaukee, LA, Philly and the Emerald Isle which seems to have been hit the hardest.

Now comes word that the Hennepin County DA is filing gross misdemeanor charges against the Archdiocese.  The charge?  The Archdiocese “knew” that the priest Curtis Wehmeyer was a pedophile?  How they knew, exactly, is sort of a mystery.  What they did know is that Fr. Wehmeyer was a gay drunk who liked to watch gay porn.  In the secular world this is pretty much completely acceptable, in the Catholic world this guy should have never become a priest to begin with, but it sure IS NOT A CRIME.  Knowing a priest hits on guys in a bookstore, sending him to counselling and still keeping him running a parish isn’t a crime.  It’s stupid as all hell, but not a crime.

As it is, I think the Asian DA (a culture not exactly known for its acceptance of homosexuals) is really teaching all institutions a lesson:  If you have an employee who is openly gay with access to kids, watch out, he’s coming for you.  Of course, the gay employee would have to abuse the kids first, but once they do, he’s coming for you.

3.  The Coming Storm

Jesus is going to come like a thief in the night.  And while there have definitely been worse times in the world, (see 9/11, Vietnam, WWII, WWI, Armenian Genocide, American Civil War, Thermidorian reaction, any day in Soviet Russia between 1930-1960, and about 100,000 time periods/days before that) we seem to be living in a unique time where there seems to be a gradual and steady decay of western culture.

We once built churches of great prominence with barely any men, money or knowledge, but we got it done.  Now that we have all that stuff, we build things like football stadiums and office buildings for similar costs.  Why?

It really is about values, and what our culture values more than anything is entertainment.  Just ask someone why they watch the Kardashians or any other mind-numbing show, the answer you will always get is, “It is entertaining.”  And that justifies it?!?!  So are Gladiator games, I’m sure, but let’s not go back to that!

The result of all this is a general malaise for any sort of noble pursuit.  The party anthem, “Everybody’s working for the weekend,” is actually and sadly turning out to be true.  There is no higher pursuit to work toward, and in the end, instead of money serving man, man serves money.  Hopefully I won’t have to explain why that is bad.  But in case I do, Fulton Sheen said it best when he described the future of our economic system, “Men will come to the feet of the powerful, begging ‘Make me your slave, but give me bread.'”

Yes, the Storm is Coming.

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